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Sep 28, 11 10:05 PM
Lord Rhyolith
Sep 7, 11 8:24 PM
Baleroc Kill
Sep 7, 11 7:43 AM
Shannox Kill
Sep 5, 11 11:01 PM
Beth Kill
Aug 21, 11 10:03 PM
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Welcome to the Crown of Chaos Guild Website!

Our Focus: Crown of Chaos is a guild focused on raids and overall guild progression. We aim to have 1-3 steady raiding groups (currently have 1) with people that work well together, and find they're fun in working as a group and experiencing new content.

Rules: We a raiding guild, not an RP guild. We practice a NO Drama Policy. If you came here to gossip or cause drama, please look elsewhere. If you are not here to raid and attend raids regularly, please look elsewhere. If you are noticed causing drama regularly or skipping raids regularly, it can and will result in removal from the guild. If you have differing opinions or disputes that need to be cleared, deal with it in private. If it is a larger matter, please contact an officer for assistance, as that is what they are there for.

Game Help Policy: Being a raid and progression based guild, we expect our raiders to be prepared for raids, this includes adequate gear and experience/knowledge.  We expect you to run heroics to get the gear needed for our raids. We will have guild heroics available, but w/ only 5 slots per run, some will inevitably be left out. If you experience this problem, please contact someone putting together runs and inform them of your desire to go, but more importantly; please use looking for group. Yes it takes longer. Yes you get fail groups. In the end, you still get to go, so please do.  We do not help lvl alts or lowbies, if you have a lower level you would like to bring up to raid with us, please level it on your own. feel free to ask for assistance, but do not expect to receive it. Please watch the videos for each raid Before hand. you can find these videos through many places, including typing the boss name into the search bar at youtube.

About Raids: Our raids run Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 5:00pm-8 server. Attendance for these is mandatory. Other raids may be posted on other dates (example: wed or sat) and are optional, but please feel free to go. Invites for these raids will be on the calendar in game; either accept, decline, or choose tentative. Not doing so will cause you to not be considered for these raids. If you can not make a raid, please contact someone to inform them, we understand that rl happens, and we all have times we cant come. Repeated absence and lack of communication can and will result in removal from the guild. If you continuously decline a raid weeks in a row w/out a valid reason it is not acceptable. Tentative should be used for when you accept or decline a raid, then find out later that your availability may change, change to tentative and inform someone. We are currently looking into adding the DKP system to our raids, and more will be posted about this in a timely manner.

Raid Preperation: Do your homework; watch the videos. It is expected from every raider. Raids start at 4:30pm server.. that is first pull. Be online and prepared at least 15 minutes before hand (4:15pm server). Be fully repaired, and have all things you need before we group, i.e. buff food, potions, and flasks. We are aware that Cata flasks are difficult to get ahold of atm, but WTLK flasks are not. Be Fully Repaired Before We Group. The less often you hold up the raid, the more smoothly each raid will run.

Raid Roster: Our guild is expanding, and as such, is experiencing growing pains. We will experience times where more raiders are online than we have places available. Best efforts will be put in to ensure equal opportunity is given to all, but spots will be given to those who have shown dependability. Keep in mind that once DKP is put into use, points will be awarded for showing up; so even if there is no spot available, please be online for attendance.

Raid Times are Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday (when applicable)  5:00pm-8pm server

Guild leader: Gorigon
Guild Officers: Grumpee, Sassymami, Marona, Krockalith
Raid leaders: Grumpee, Marona
Guild council members: Darksi, Happyjeff

Please contact any of these people for assistance.

Marona 02/28/2013
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Grumpee-WoW, Sep 28, 11 10:05 PM.


Lord Rhyolith

Grumpee-WoW, Sep 7, 11 8:24 PM.
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Baleroc Kill

Grumpee-WoW, Sep 7, 11 7:43 AM.
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Shannox Kill

Grumpee-WoW, Sep 5, 11 11:01 PM.
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Beth Kill

Grumpee-WoW, Aug 21, 11 10:03 PM.
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